The Dublin Youth Orchestras Association is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity (CHY 16060). We are also registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee (Registration number: 480949). DYO is managed by a Board of Directors elected by members at an annual general meeting, usually held in January each year. Parents and players over 16 are eligible to attend and vote at the AGM. The annual programme for the four orchestras, which number nearly 400 players in total, is run entirely by parents of present and past members of the orchestras. The voluntary commitment by parents is a vital part of the organisation and all parents are encouraged to volunteer.

Each orchestra is managed by a small group of parents. They set up the rehearsals, distribute the music, organise the tours with the tour organiser and maintain attendance rolls. A catering group provides the energy necessary for the players to perform at rehearsals and concerts. They also look after the adults during long rehearsal days. A large number of parents volunteer their time and expertise in a variety of activities: PR, music library, website, photography, book-keeping, logistics, outreach and child protection.

The DYO General Manager is responsible for planning and executing all aspects of the day-to-day running of the organisation. The Board of Directors meets monthly to review key issues, set policies and make decisions affecting the operation of the organisation.